Post Diwali Detox Challenge

Diwali is a time for sweets, visiting friends, parties-and a break from regular health routines. This week is the right time to control the excesses with a detox. Here, we explain why, and later, we offer you a detox programme and a challenge– after you lose 3-4 kgs in the 3 days of the detox, tell us your body is still not ready to go back in the swing!

Part 1: What is a detox

After a binge, your body automatically forces a change in your regular eating pattern- whether it be as a hangover, an acidity attack or oversleeping to cleanse the system naturally. A conscious way of cleansing is a religious fast with the diet prescribed with religious overtones. Or the times when you consciously go vegetarian. In the same way, a detox programme is a conscious effort to bring the body back to balance. A detox diet is not a tamasha, ruckus or a fad!

The end result is always the same. A day of conscious eating leaves you feeling lighter after the bloat and over indulgence. You benefited, it made you feel good and healthy, and healthy and that’s what the final aim should be.

A detox program is simply a well-planned cleansing program to flush out the toxins, rejuvenate you with only one goal i.e. HEALTH…weight loss is simply a side effect. Eating to feel lighter, healthier, happier, radiant and fresh is always EATING RIGHT no matter what!

Why should we Detox?

Binge eating, erratic eating, late night parties, heavy calorie laden foods leave your system unhealthy. Some of the most common results are an uncomfortably bloated stomach, irregular motions and flatulence, sluggishness, fatigue AND a definitely broader waistline (and the need for larger sized clothes). All these result in mood swings post diwali.

All these happen because your intestines are overloaded with junk that abuses the system.  So, a detox plan consciously washes the system and get your body primed for a healthy routine once more.

Advantages of an Instant Detox- a quick fix to getting back on the health track at super speed

  • A clean healthy renewed system leaving you light, energetic and feeling fresh
  • A boost of antioxidants resulting in a well hydrated skin looking radiant and luminous
  • A quick unload of toxins leaving your body slimmer and fitter
  • A confident, active and alert you as your body shrugs off sluggishness
  • A healthy and natural way to kick-start your healthy lifestyle once more
  • A psychological motivation, far precious than anything else as you see your weight go down again

Part 2: The iPink Diwali Detox Challenge

Winner iPink Detox Challenge 2015
Winner iPink Detox Challenge 2015

Last year, we opened the challenge to our clients. This year, we invite anyone interested to understand what it means to have a PLANNED diet. We invite you to taste this free, and understand how our Online Module works too. And the challenge- biggest loser wins!

Here are the plans:

Enroll: 14th Nov 2015 via our facebook page Please leave your email ID since this module will be completely online and we are sharing the plans ONLY via email
Grocery list via email: 16th Nov
Diet plan via email: 17th Nov
Challenge: 19th Nov-21st Nov where you will interact with us, motivate others, share the problems you are facing. And share your weight and dimensions with us via email.

Talk with Tripti: 19th Nov- 21st Nov. We are doing the detox diet with you, with timely updates and reminders. Get a taste of our Online Module for diet plans with this FREE offer

Winner announcement: 22nd Nov, biggest loser wins

Winner Detox Challenge 201415% discount to everyone who followed the plan to enroll into a personalized online plans, as you have already got yourself ready to follow a healthy routine.

With over a 100 achievers to boast of with the Detox Challenge 2014, we welcome you to make this year bigger and better. Stay Healthy …Stay iPink

 Part 3: The Diwali Detox Plan- coming soon. See


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