Smart fast tips for Karwa Chauth

For those who are celebrating Karwa Chauth, here are a few ways of not getting fooled into eating rituals and unhealthy patterns of eating. After all, with so much knowledge and awareness, it’s time for us women to plan our vrath intelligently without torturing our bodies more than we should.

karwa chauthA brief story from Wiki: Earlier, girls sometimes barely teenagers used to get married, go and live with their in-laws in very remote villages. Thus the custom started that, at the time of marriage, when bride would reach her in-laws, she would befriend another woman there who would be her friend (kangan-saheli) or sister (dharam-behn) for life. Emotionally and psychologically, it would be very healthy and comforting for the bride to have her own ‘relative’ near her. The bride’s parents would treat her friend just like their own daughter. Thus Karva Chauth started as a festival to celebrate this special bond of friendship between the brides and their god-friends.

So, celebrate the occasion with your friends, who make life easier for you, even in modern times.

THE BIG SARGAI- A ritual  to begin your fast in the wee hours before sunrise.

  • Start with a date or black raisins, very alkaline and instant sugar for your natural sugar boost on an empty stomach.
  • Avoid breads, potatoes, puris and fried starchy foods, these leave you feeling sluggish through the day and are the root cause of your acidity , gas and bloating by the end of the day.
  • Bran rotis or those who are used to eating bhakris are a great option to get your sargai started, Have your carbs with a cup of cooked vegetables and curds. This is very light on the system, a wholesome meal and keeps you full.
  • Avoid pulses and raw salads as these tend to cause bloating again as the day progresses.
  • Enjoy your cuppa morning chai but follow it up with some more cooling beverages such as Chaas.
  • Avoid coconut water as they may tend to lower your blood pressure towards day end.
  • Fruit juices are not the best option with such a wholesome meal as they pile on unwanted sugar and calories here.
  • End with a glass of skim milk and few soaked nuts. These keep satiety for longer. The good ol’ pheni can be relished in a small quantity here as an auspicious delicacy for the avid fasting women.
  • Plain Water should be sipped throughout the Sargai period to keep the hydration levels high.

Thali-Decoration-An-Integral-part-of-Karwa-Chauth-PujaPOST PUJA- An evening ritual where the prayers are done and we are gearing up for Moonrise.

  • For the ones allowed to have something here, please include a fruit.
  • Fruit juice / Lime Juice may leave many feeling acidic. However, sweet lime and pineapples being in season are a great thirst quencher for those who can tolerate fruit juices well.
  • Choose regular tea with skim and sugar over green tea here , we need the small spurt of energy supply coming from milk.
  • Cold Rose skim milk will also do.

THE MOST AWAITED MOON RISE- The feast begins here

Yes we are starved, we are hungry and waiting to attack upon anything coming our way but it’s not the end of the world gals.

  • Start with a glass of water first and progress into smart healthy eating.
  • The carvings are high on salt and spice at this hour this is because your electrolyte balance has been disturbed during the day of the fast. A glass of Lime juice with salt and sugar or pani puri ka pani can work wonders for the chaat cravers. You will miraculously indulge less.
  • High protein pulses such as dals, rajma, chhole, kadhis are a great option to club with Brown rice or Rotis now.
  • Enjoy a flavourful raita with your meal to keep your system cool and satisfied.
  • End with a piece of your favourite dessert and a cuppa Green Tea now.

Hope these tips make your Karwa Chauth a truly Happy one with less discomfort and more joy.


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