For college students- keep your health in check

Colleges keep their own time schedules with early morning lectures! Build habits that last for the time when life gets even more erratic, even more demanding. Learn a few health hacks now!

Essential toolkit for a college student
Essential toolkit for a college student

Projects, submissions, practicals , examinations! And, these are the best years of our lives with friends, parties, picnics, addas and also goofing off! You also have to deal with high competitive levels, expectations of your parents, expensive lifestyles and limited money, and the pressure to perform! Do you feel the pressure of looking good after putting in a full day???….Yes! Life of a student is not as rosy today as it may appear.

How do you fit all this in? Haphazard eating habits and neglecting one’s meals are most common reaction. Medical conditions such as peptic ulcers, acidity, acne prone skin, constipation, acidity, frequent headaches, poor eyesight, low stamina, poor concentration, backaches and migraines are directly a result of erratic eating pattern.

Here are a few do’s and dont’s for students

Do’s for Erratic Eaters-

  • Keeping you filled at work
    Keeping you filled while you work hard

    Just like you may attend lectures as per your time table, plan your meals too. If your break is at 11am and then directly at 4 pm , have an early brunch and stock a few nuts to keep going, instead of starving till 4pm.

  • Street food is not always bad, a veg sandwich without butter, potato, dry bhel or a sada dosa with coconut water are super healthy options and luckily available everywhere!
  • Choose wisely from your canteen. A plate of idlis instead of samosas makes you smart!
  • Always keep superfoods with you. Black raisins work miraculously to fight acidity, bridge your gaps and satisfy your sweet cravings. Other easy optionspastedGraphic.pnginclude kurmura, roasted chana, bran flakes / muesli, diet khakra etc. which keep you conveniently satiated if you are unable to grab something healthy on the go.
  • Drink plenty of water, a 750ml bottle / sipper at your desk is a must which can be refilled atleast during your breaks. Keep sipping or make it a point to drink before you eat anything. This makes it easier for you to not only control your portions but also satisfies your hydration needs. Remember! For those mostly in air conditioned environment are at higher risk for dehydration.
  • Even though you may be on the go, a good cardio workout or a sport is the best stress buster. Join tennis, squash, go cycling to college or a simple brisk walk is the best way to keep your stamina up and body fit.
  • Our sleep cycle suffers the highest setback among teenager. Internet, friends, studies etc can be hard to juggle with. The younger you are the more rest your body demands, make sure you get atleast 8 hrs power sleep.
  • Omega 3 and Vitamin D have become increasingly deficient today which in turn cause poor concentration, weak memory and quick fatigue. Make sure you aren’t low on these.
  • Avoid sugar at bedtime which keeps us at high alert. A chamomile or calming green tea Or plain skim milk are good sleep inducers, a warm cup can offerpastedGraphic.pngthe much needed sound sleep we deserve.

Don’ts for the Erratic Eaters 

  • fat friendNever fall prey to your friends indulgences, think before you eat and not because your friends are bingeing.
  • Avoid colas, sugary drinks and fried foods. The poor quality oil used for street junk, powdered glucose and raw chutneys are a host of all bacterial infections. choose cooked over raw. For eg. a toasted sandwich is far better than a raw one.
  • We are all aware of the damages caused by smoking and no it does not keep you slim but makes you lose the healthy muscle left in you. Stay away from smokers , we don’t need any passive smoking either.
  • Do not drink too much milk while studying or performing high concentration activity, as milk triggers off sleep and make you sluggish rather than help you concentrate. A cup of green tea or lime juice with fruits would be better options while studying.
  • Keep sipping on lots of natural electrolyte rich fluids such as coconut water, buttermilk, tomato juice etc which keep you full, well hydrated and high on immunity.
  • Last but not the least , don’t starve and kill yourself, it;s the biggest health blunder you can ever make.

Remember, what you do at this stage will matter for the rest of your life- and that includes your eating habits. Carry on the good habits of childhood as you bridge the gap into an exciting, and healthy, adulthood.

Stay healthy, stay iPink

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