Erratic time schedules- how to tame them

Those in top management, frequent travelers, those in aviation or sales force and call centres, even college students, we understand it is often a luxury to begin and end a day with a family meal together. Erratic hours and high stress jobs often mea​n meals are rushed, you eat what the cafeteria provides. And health takes a back seat.

Working in shifts, in call centers, or travelling frequently, even late night deadlines can be extremely demanding and can play havoc on your health. With such high pressure jobs, keeping your fitness in check becomes essential. High cholesterol and uric acid levels, acidity, constipation, indigestion are the most common problem issues our erratic eaters face. Let’s go through a few do’s and don’ts to make life much simpler, practical, convenient and most importantly very healthy.

Keeping you filled at work
Keeping you filled at work

Do’s for Erratic Eaters-

  • Follow your own eating time table from the time you wake up and not by the family clock. If you begin your day at 4 pm then that’s your breakfast time not snack.
  • If you are in a different country please follow your schedule as per local time and not your home town.
  • Plan your meals as per your breaks or peak hours of hunger not as per what you used to do at home. Nobody knows your body better than you, when you know you are very hungry at 2 am, please go ahead and eat. Starvation is the first step to health destruction.
  • Always keep smart foods with you, black raisins work miraculously to fight acidity, bridge your gaps and satisfy your sweet cravings. Other easy options include kurmura, roasted chana, bran flakes / muesli, diet khakra etc. which keep you conveniently satiated if you are unable to grab something healthy on the go.
  • Drink plenty of water, a 750ml bottle / sipper at your desk is a must which can be refilled atleast twice in an 8 hr shift. Keep sipping or make it a point to drink before you eat anything. This makes it easier for you to not only control your portions but also satisfies your hydration needs. Remember! For those mostly in air conditioned environment are at higher risk for dehydration.
  • The smart ones will make time for some workout, even if it’s a brisk walk or climbing up the stairs, your cardio is the best way to keep your heart healthy and body fit.
  • Keep your vitamin box in your travel bag, why should we miss our supplements unnecessarily.
  • Our sleep cycle suffers the highest setback with this different schedule , make sure you get atleast 8 hrs sleep.
  • Avoid sugar at bedtime which keeps us at high alert. A chamomile or calming green tea Or plain skim milk are good sleep inducers, a warm cup can offer the much needed sound sleep we deserve.

Colleagues as friendsDon’ts for the Erratic Eaters 

  • Never fall prey to what others are indulging in, eat what you need to and not because your colleagues are bingeing. Remember! This is not one odd day of socialising, this is to be a part of our routine lifestyle.
  • Avoid too much caffeine when at work, a common tendency is to reach out for the extra cup of coffee / tea because we feel we have this humongous burden to work against time. Accept your lifestyle as a routine for your body , you are used to this and you are not doing anything drastically different today…. so go easy. Choose plain hot water if you are used to sipping something hot, a cup of green tea has ¾ of the caffeine your coffee has so choose wise if needed. It is this extra caffeine during your work hours which interferes with your sleep cycle later at bedtime.
  • High energy drinks and granola bars are strict no no. These are high on sugar, preservatives and artificial sweeteners which will creep into your waistline and which you may need to work harder to burn. Also the extra load you may put on your liver to filter out the excess is unimaginable.
  • We are all aware of the damages alcohol and smoking bring with them, stay off as much as you can. Choose Lime Juice, sparkling water and soda instead to sip on as a comparatively better alternative.
  • Last but not the least, our body craves mostly 2 things i.e sugar or salt. Keep a balance in your electrolytes by eating frequently, starvation and long gaps are strictly prohibited.

It’s not a punishment to follow a different schedule from what most of world follows. Remember! Our body has this unique gift of adapting with whatever we choose to. Accept your lifestyle, review your routine and plan your day, it’s not that difficult to live healthy if we genuinely choose the right route .  

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Next: what to do for college students and post graduation studies, kids who have as erratic a lifestyle as any other. Please click

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Stay beautiful…Stay healthy…Stay iPink!


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